Graphic Design

Graphic Design is at the very core of Artistic Inspirations. We brainstorm creative and driven ideas to help compel your brand through professional design. Every project is given attention to detail with the mindset of achieving a great outcome that not only meets your needs but exceeds an excellent first impression from your audience. We are resourceful from your initial concept to our guided completion. The design techniques and strategies we utilize help us create custom graphics for almost any medium. Originality sits at the very foundation of our Studio and reflects in the work we do, whether it is a logo, billboard, or business card.


Firefighters and Company Credit Union Logo
Abbey Credit Union Logo
Tipp City Schools Logo

Fairborn Area Chamber of Commerce Logo
571 Grill and Drafthouse Logo
Miami County Recycles Logo


Infographics are a visual representation of information, intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. An infographic collects data, organizes it, and turns this information into an easy to understand visual. Infographics are more eye-catching than printed words, since they combine images, colors, movement, and content that naturally draw the eye.

Miami County Recycles Infographic