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Why Social Media is Important

Social “engagement” and “friendly referrals” are the best form of advertising for your business, and today, it all happens on social media platforms. Not only is it the best form of advertising, but social media marketing offers many other benefits

  • Boosts your Search Engine results and moves your site into a higher rank
  • Less expensive than TV advertising
  • Reaches more people than billboards
  • When managed properly
    • Builds your brand awareness and loyalty
    • Targets and connects with your audience
    • Improves client retention

Why Should You Hire Artistic Inspiration’s Social Media Manager?

“My employee loves posting on Facebook, why can’t she can do this for me?” you might ask, thinking all she has to do is post something every day on my business Facebook page. A social media manager is vital to businesses who want to stay ahead of their competition and make a connection with your audience. While your employee may have good intentions, she will never be able to stay on top of the ever-changing algorithms or increase your followers when your competition hires a professional. Is she familiar with the social media language such as reach, RTs, SMO, or click-throughs? If this makes you hesitate, you are wise. Without a social media manager, you’ll quickly lag behind and appear to be neglecting the most effective and most affordable ways to communicate with your audience. Qualified Social Media Managers

  • Study for months, take tests, and participates in continuing education, gaining certifications
  • Are highly-qualified people, who monitor and manage your engagements, analytics, & reach
  • Know the importance of your entire marketing plan
  • Are experts in getting your audience to socialize with your company, share your posts and more
  • Know how to answer negative posts and how to hide them from the public
  • Know how to drive traffic to your website, to your services and products
  • Incorporates branding and launches campaigns across multiple platforms with intent
  • Knows how to get results, more reviews, and build your social platforms
  • Communicates with your Community - participation, and support of the local community

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