Hosting Network

Our business class hosting is co-located by InMotion Hosting’s western data center in California, by which our web environment exists on a Dell PowerEdge r730 and is collectively powered by 4 Intel Xeon E5-2670 v3 Dodeca-core (12 Core) 2.30 GHz processors reaching 48 cores total. The storage is running entirely on solid state hard drives for the fastest speeds, and the network on a 1gbit line with up to 3 levels of failover and redundancy via internal server mirroring. The domain is connected with Cloudflare’s Web Security Suite, offering enhanced security and uptime, as well as website optimization to further improve loading times. InMotion Hosting’s west coast data center in Los Angeles is SOC-2 compliant (audit available upon request) and is connected through One Wilshire, also known as the “most connected building” in the world according to Wired magazine. InMotion Hosting is also connected to four tier-1 ISPs via BGP. Their BGP route optimizer will ensure only the fastest routes used for data.

Datacenter Photo

Other network features include

  • Peering partners including Level 3, Corporate Colocation, Hurricane Electric, nLayer and TeliaSonera
  • 20 gigabits of connectivity over 10 gig Ethernet connection
  • Carrier-grade network core from Brocade
  • Multiple layers of redundancy:
    • Provider redundancy via BGP multi-homing
    • LAN redundancy via layer two and layer three redundancy protocols, such as 802.3ad and VRRP
    • Dedicated management network to allow quick response to network incidents